Opera Cake

Hello everyone!

I am going to share with you a recipe today! It’s one of my favourite and of course, it tastes absolutely delicious. As you all know, opera cake consists of sponge cake, chocolate ganache and buttercream. Yep, thats the component of my cake.



I got this recipe from butter and brioche’s opera cake and you can head over to her blog to take alook. Her recipe comes from ‘Layered’ cookbook, which I really want but I dont have the money to purchase one. 😦

I followed her steps pretty well just that I used walnut meal instead of almond meal and that my walnut meal was not as fine as it should be. However, it became a blessing in disguise. The bigger chunks of walnut added a whole new level of texture to the cake, providing some crunch and make the cake more enjoyable. It’s an unexpected crunch. 🙂

As for the buttercream, she used a buttercream made with egg yolks. However i lost my candy thermometer hence I couldn’t measure the temperature of my sugar syrup, which resulted in a super watery buttercream which actually tastes good. Of course, I didn’t use it and used the heavy cream+cream cheese frosting. It’s my favourite frosting and I really really love it. It’s creamy and light at the same time, and most importantly, not as sweet. It doesn’t have the oily feeling when it melts in your mouth. One word: delish.

As for the chocolate ganache, I have used 85% Lindt chocolate which made it really dark and delicious. Of course, it’s not sweet and have the hint of bitterness to it which is really really really addictive.

Overall, the whole cake is not sweet at all. If you are craving for a sweet cake, this is not really for you because the coffee flavour is well-expressed and together with the dark chocolate, it’s perfect with a cup of coffee.

So here’s the recipe!