Glorious Sweet Potato Bread

Glorious Purple Sweet Potato Honey Bread. Full with nutrients and goodness.

Introducing to you: The glorious sweet potato bread! Sweetened with honey and filled with the nutrient packed sweet potato! Not forgetting the fabulous purple hue it produces!

The bread recipe was obtained from Xiachufang and the sweet potato filling was adapted from Vintage Trinket. However, the sweet potato was not as sweet as I would like but it is also because I did not add any sugar inside, making it even healthier and wholesome. Minimum butter was add in to make it more creamy and that’s all.

A nutrition filled breakfast for everyone and for everyday! Yum! IMG_20160305_130143

Recipe for Bread:

  • 200g bread flour
  • 50g cake flour
  • 55g honey
  • 2.5g salt
  • 3g yeast
  • 125g milk
  • 35g egg
  • 25g unsalted butter
  1. Mix all the ingredients except butter together till windowpane stage is achieved. Knead after the dough is soft and smooth. It may be really sticky at first but do not be tempted to add more flour, but rather, continue to knead the dough. Add the butter till it is incorporated.
  2. Let it rise till it is doubled. (Mine took 1hr)
  3. Punch the dough down and divide it into 10 portions.
  4. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
  5. Shape the dough and fill it up with the sweet potato filling.
  6. Let it rise for a second time
  7. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or till it is hollow when tapped.
  8. Devour


Sweet Potato Filling:

  • 200g mashed and cooked sweet potato
  • 20g unsalted butter
  • pinch of salt
  • some milk
  1. Add the butter into the hot mashed sweet potato and mix well until the butter melts.
  2. If the mixture is too dry, add some milk to lighten it up.
  3. Set the filling aside to cool.



Enjoy 🙂

Soft Pumpkin Bread (17hr fermentation)

Revealing to you:


The ultimate soft soft soft soft soft pumpkin bread that still stays soft soft soft soft soft after the 2nd day. Saw that dent? It happened because I was trying to remove it from the pan and it was too soft, thus disfigured! Haha! I baked this pumpkin bread very long ago but did not have the time to post the recipe up and it has been quite a while since I last posted something. hehe, gonna spam posts now!


Let’s talk about this bread. You have to plan your time carefully if you want to bake this cake. All the fermentation and stuff, you gotta think when you wanna do it yea! But, despite all that hassle, it is all worth it.

This is a recipe which I have gotten from Honeybeesweets which she has adapted it from 孟老师! However, she has scaled her recipe by 1.5 times, therefore, she was able to make a loaf and 4 buns out of it! I feel that it was a little bit too much for me because it was too much, therefore, I strongly advise you to scale the recipe down if you are making for a small family like mine! Please enjoy!

Pumpkin pre dough:
150g pumpkin, peeled, steamed and pureed
30g bread flour
105ml water
In a heatproof sauce pan, add in all the above ingredients, mix well until all is combined. Then start the fire and cook the mixture till it thickens, about a couple minutes. Let cool completely then store in container and chill in fridge for up to 8 hours before use.
Main Dough:
All of the above pre dough
450g bread flour
60g caster sugar
3/4 tsp salt
6g active dry yeast (1.5tsp)
170ml fresh milk (you can start with 150ml and add as per needed)
35g unsalted butter, room temperature
  • In a heavy duty mixer, add in all the above ingredient except the butter and knead everything together to form a soft pilable dough. Continue to knead/mix till the dough is not sticky, then add in the butter. Knead well till it reaches elastic and window panel stage. It took me about 20 to 25 minutes on my KA mixer at medium speed with 2 times of 2 minutes break in between.
  • Let the dough proof in a well greased bowl for about 1.5hr to 2hrs or until it has doubled its size.
  • Punch out the air and divide the dough in 600g and 4x70g or approximation to the weight you have with the dough. Shape the 600g portion for a loaf while the 4x70g portions for buns.
  • Shape as desired, top with desired filling for buns and let proof for another 45mins. Preheat the oven to 180C while proofing.
  • Glaze the dough tops with egg wash and bake in the oven for 28-30 minutes for loaf while 14 minutes for buns.
  • Once done, remove from oven. Remove the loaf from the pan after 3 minutes and let cool completely before slicing.

Raisin Bread (with 2 different methods)

20150625_154940Panivorous- subsisting on bread; bread-eating.       

Bread eating was a new found love in Secondary 1, when I fell inlove with peanut butter and nutella bread. I eat them for breakfast and even lunch. They are simple, easy to pack and they make me high. I bring different type of bread to school, sometimes just peanut butter and jam bread, sometimes traditional coffee scented sugar-topped bread. I can go into cloud nine by just eating bread. This is how much I love them.

When I started baking 1 year ago, I attempted a matcha tangzhong bread. I killed my yeast then. The bread was hard like a rock. It was heavy and dense and basically, inedible. 6 months later, I tried again. I killed my yeast again. It was horrible. I tried more than 6 times since then, and used up a box of instant yeast. I never succeed once.

It was this year, 2015, when I began to experiment with bread again. I was careful with my temperature (most of the time, I do not heat up the milk and just leave them at room temperature. Singapore is a very warm country and its basically 33 degrees everyday. Therefore, there is no need to even heat up the milk over the stove. Simple.

Today, I am going to share with a two recipes featuring a similar type of bread. Both are asian bread, yielding a soft and fluffy bread. However, one was made with tangzhong and another just normal bread recipes. They turn out to be similar so what is the difference? I think I got to try again with the tangzhong method. Most Japanese milk  bread, if not all, uses tangzhong.

Anyways, back to topic, it was my first time applying an egg wash. I was just too lazy to other times and decided to go for the nice golden brown crust. And I got it. It was fabulous. The bread made with tangzhong had a croissant type crust while the normal bread recipe was just perfectly coloured golden hue. I just love the golden hue guys!


The original recipe for the normal bread called for heavy cream, but I substituted it with yogurt and milk. I think I should substitute it with butter and milk next time because I realize at the end, there was no butter added, unlike the normal bread recipes that we have on hands. The plain dough was quite plain in terms of taste, it was not fragrant enough I feel. Hmmmm, I wonder what I can add to enhance the taste of the bread.

The tangzhong bread was fluffy and I think it is slightly more soft as compared to the one above and it was less chewy. Definitely going to try making more tangzhong bread. Aiya, I just love making bread. That’s it.  20150625_154958