Working Life

10.22am, 1hr and 30 minutes more to work.
Honestly, I am pretty tired but thinking about my manager who has been working for a few years and going back home at 12plus and coming to work at 10.30am, I am sure he is even more tired.

I finally understood why parents complain that they are really tired from working (as in physically tired and not mentally tired) and I finally understood why they say that earning money is not as easy as it seems. Working now, I may be just working for myself, for my own allowance, but our parents are working for the whole family, for the house, for the car, for the utilities, for our spending.

I have became very very sensitive with money because I realize that it is not easy to earn money. Being a part-timer, working 10 hours on a Sunday only earns me $80, which is $8 per hour. Honestly, this is not a lot but considering that this is such a flexible job, and I truly enjoyed it, $80 is worth it.

I also realize how some customers can be so cute but will set you back to the ‘what the hell’ mode. Some will ask you how does salted caramel ice cream tastes like or how does banana ice cream tastes like. I would say, it just tastes like banana and salted caramel. Taste preference, up to you actually.

Our snackbar has a place for the customers to sit down and often, there are intruders. Some will leave politely when I ask them to, some gave me the ridiculed face and you will be so offended because they didn’t even buy anything. But i guess, this society just has this kind of people. They don’t mean any harm but I guess they would have to have the common sense to not sit in other people’s territory when you didn’t even buy their products right?

Some people will ask for directions when we don’t even look like an information counter and some will ask where is the toilet when the toilet direction is just right above their head and they should have noticed when they are walking towards us. Teach me to be more aware of the surroundings so that I would not be this kind of people when I go out.

Working definitely taught me a lot of things. Some people are really desperate for money and that is why they worked. They are not as fortunate as most of us and therefore, we must be appreciative of what we have and be grateful for whatever we have in our life.


It has been more than a month since I last worked. It has been a pretty hectic month, working working and working. Mum and Dad didn’t plan any holiday this year because we are short of instant cash, hence we have to save up for many things.  I am actually okay with it, just that I will envy some of my friends sometimes, or actually most of the time when they go overseas. But, you know, life is so long, I will still have many opportunities to go overseas.

My goal is to save up enough money and to bring my parents overseas every year. I know Mum loves travelling and I promise that I will work hard and earn enough money to bring her around the world.

Work has generally been super fun for me and I have learned many new things. I finally understood why some of my colleagues are desperate for money, some just want to earn additional pocket money, some, because they do not receive any pocket money from their parents.

Oh yea! I bought a birthday resent for my Mum with the first pay that I have received. Are you proud of me? And a diary for Jie Jie and I. I didn’t buy anything for Dad because I am not sure what he will like but  I will cook when I have the time, I won’t forget that, Dad!

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