Fresh Blueberry Lemon Cake with a raspberry cream

I wonder where will I be in 10 years time.
Married? Kids? Or just a workaholic? I don’t know.
Am I able to have a long-lasting marriage amidst the high rates of divorce?

I am so glad that Papa and Mama marriage can last for more than 20 years. It is not easy. Despite the fact that Papa has many flaws, Mama still tolerated them. Despite the fact that Mama always say that she has married the wrong man, but they are still together right now.

Honestly, I am  really scared that Mama will divorce Papa when we grow up because Mama always say that the reason to why she is still holding on to this marriage is because of Sis and I. I wonder, can we stop growing up? I don’t want to reach adulthood. Really.

However, despite those drama, Mama has requested me to bake something for her for her anniversary. Mama loves blueberries and strawberries and anything that is Jam-my. She makes her own jam (With chia seed and sweetened with honey) and she was rushing to finish off the bottle of jam which had no presevetives. There is also no extra sugar for long-lasting canning, which is why we have to finish as soon as possible. Therefore, i thought it will be absolutely fabulous to make this cake for Mama.

This cake is very simple. Its a blueberry lemon cake. I have once baked this cake 3 years ago when I first started baking and it kinda failed because the texture was really dry. My second attempt was much better (but honestly, my whole family does not like American Style Sponge-Pound cake texture which was the texture of this cake). My family prefers light and spongy cakes maybe because of our Asian Roots. We are very used to eating extremely spongey cakes (much fluffier than normal American Sponge Cakes). They don’t even like Devil Food Cake.  They like Angel-cakes texture. But….. The taste was fabulous. It was bursting with lemon and it was good. But overall, it is not a cake that I will crave for.


We have the raspberry buttercream which honestly, makes everything so much better. It is to die for buttercream. I always wonder why does American Buttercream has so much icing sugar. I usually use less than half of the icing sugar stated in the recipe to make my buttercream, and I get the same light and fluffy buttercream as well. I understand that the sugar makes everything thicker, so why do we have to add so much sugar to eat? Hmmm. This is a myth and will always be a myth because I am not willing to add so much icing sugar to my buttercream just to see what happens to the buttercream. But anyways, you saw those black spots on the cream? It is chia seed, therefore, you are eating some healthy food haha and makes you feel less guilty. I was literally licking every single bit of the buttercream. I usually scrape off buttercream off my cake but I was eating the buttercream. It is not overly sweet and it was just right.

Both the cake and the frosting recipe was obtained from Sallysbakingaddiction. I love her blog and her recipe. So please drop by her blog to check out more amazing recipes.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

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