Raisin Bread, The Third Braid

Bread Bread Bread.

Are you tired of bread? Oh wells, Im not. That is why I am called panivorous right? Hehehe.
Update on school life: Results flunked and I only got 1A which was supposed to be an A*. Only got B for the rest of my subjects in general and I can’t express my disappointment.

Everybody has their ups and downs. When I see my friends around me scoring much better even though I worked harder, it makes me wonder, if geniuses really exist. They always say hardwork will pay off. As long as you put in your heart and soul, you can achieve it, but I doubt so. Everything seems so bleak again… But I am not going to give up on myself.

Year 4 means a transit year. Its time to decide on the subject combination which will otherwise determine the rest of my life. Ironically, physics helped with my GPA this year. Well, at least it is better than the pathetic C that I have gotten from Chemistry. Wells, both are bad. 😦

I’m scared because I have no idea what lies before me, but all I can do is to work even harder and stil keep the faith that I can do well and I will do well.

Baking is therapeutic and I wish and pray that I can bake everyday, but I know it is not possible right? My friend asked me why don’t you choose business as your course in university, wells, I still need to have a safety net don’t I? I am not the best at baking and neither and am I super good at it. I don’t think I have a talent for it actually, I just love doing it.

Everybody has their ups and downs but let’s be hopeful okay? I hope so.
Oh no, all that digression. Let me share with you my raisin bread which was made with All-purpose flour rather than bread flour. Its an American Recipe I called that. Haha.

It is soft but not the Asian type of soft which I know Mum likes it (okay Ma, I will try it this weekend, haha) But it’s still kinda nice but maybe not the texture that I am looking for? hmmm


Hope you guys like it 🙂

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