Peanutty-Sesame Donuts


Black Sesame Totoro Donuts Photo Courtesy of Iamafoodblog

Screaming.  DONUTS

Donuts have been my childhood snack and everyone loves them. Light and fluffy for the interior, paired with the sweet icing sugar on the outside.   ‘Life is like a doughnut. Inevitably, there will be a missing parts, yet it is still perfect and beautiful’.

These traditional chinese donuts are very different from Krispy Kreme topped with the glazed icing sugar. Though I have never tried Krispy Kreme, I tried before J.CO donuts, Dunkin Donuts and I don’t find them extraordinary. They are basically just plain donuts topped with flavoured icing and they cost exorbitantly expensive. I will never treat myself to one though but I will treat others. Haha

As I was reading through IamAfoodblog, I stumbled upon her Totoro Black Sesame Donut and was inspired but it. Imagine, sesame! I love sesame. Nutty, deep, and full of flavours. I tried to be creative and added some roasted crushed peanuts as well. Oh my. Another level. This recipe is definitely a keeper 🙂


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